Friday, 8 January 2016


                                              RAYMOND MAFUKIDZE CEO

                                       GOLD AND VENTURE CAPITAL INVESTMENTS
Gold and Venture Capital Investments is an online investment brokerage firm that links to the most trusted investment places in the world.Venture capital investments may be risky.To anyone who was taken from his comfort zone to a much higher zone,he had to take risks.However investing in gold,silver,bitcoins,shares of Facebook,Twitter,IBM etc is less risky.The key to bicoins is patience.At one time 1 bitcoin was worth $1300 US.You can easily double,tripple or even better one million dollars by investing in bitcoins.Wait and sell when the price increases.

                                                              INVEST IN BITCOINS
Bitcoins are a major crytocurrency.Invest by opening an account and going to the Markets section.You can sell your bitcoins anytime. INVEST IN BITCOINS

                                                       INVEST  IN BIG GLOBAL BRANDS  
Invest in pepsi,McDonalds,IBM,Facebook,Twitter,Microsoft etc shares.Open account and go to Markets section.You can sell your shares at anytime.INVEST IN GLOBAL BRANDS

                                                                INVEST IN OIL 
Open account and go to Markets section to invest in oil. INVEST IN OIL

                                  INVEST IN GOLD BARS GOLD COINS AND SILVER
Here is one of the best places to safely invest in gold and silver.INVEST IN GOLD AND SILVER

                                                       INVEST IN LOANS
EARN 13% interest by investing in loans INVEST HERE 

                           OPEN A SWISS BANK ACCOUNT  IN MINUTES
Now you can open a Swiss bank account in the comfort of your home OPEN SWISS BANK ACCOUNT